Waiting and Watching

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now we wait. The doctor said the lump we found on baby Squeaks is "normal" or "common". I'd really like to see the mathematical equation for normal or common. I have four kids and this has not showed up on any of them. Do you think it's some sort of fancy algorithm thingie that exists on TV to amaze us all? Normal... Common... Something totally different to a doctor who tends to only see the sick.

At any rate, we are currently directed to watch this lump on Squeaks. Squeaks has a baby well visit coming up in a few months so it will be rechecked then. Right now it's a bit smaller than a pea. It's (according to the doctor) probably hormonal. What does that mean?! I am not sure right now. Squeaks is a breastfed baby so maybe my body getting back into the rhythm of not being pregnant is passing hormones to baby? Why a lump?!

I'm thinking of showing some hormones myself... But I would probably be considered normal if I did. Right? I hate the waiting game. I suppose this does give more time to pray over it all. I need work in the area of not worrying and just giving it to Him. Plus, I have had yet another wake up call to keep my priorities real. Life is precious and has a possibility of being short. Cuddle all those babies as much as you can!

Take care!


Taderdoodles (Lisa B) said...

My littlest daughter has an odd lump think on her neck.. makes me nuts but the doc keeps saying it's normal. I pray that all is really well with Squeaks! *hugs*

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