Un-Mat the Cat (Revisited)

Monday, November 15, 2010

For some reason un-matting a cat must be a big deal. I wrote this post quite a bit ago but it’s the most searched post in my entire blog! So… how do you unmat a cat? Well, you could try shaving it from big a fluffy, beautiful kitty to… umm.. MAD! Like we did.

Isn’t she cute? And she LOVES us!

Granted, she is a bit opinionated, but she means well and is happy. Unless we do this:

So sorry fuzzy kitty! *snicker* *snort* We didn’t know this is what a “lion’s shave” looked like! *hand in front of face* We needed help with all your mats and this was the first option presented us. NEVER AGAIN! *watering eyes*

HAHAHAHAHA! Poor thing!

Okay… in all seriousness though. Don’t subject your innocent furballs to this. There are other, better ways to Un-Mat Your Cat.

PS- Why YES! This is a Meme… I’m unstuck on my blogging now but today I WANTED to do this post. I have other posts saved for later this week that do not link to a Meme.


Cate said...

Woot! Although I don't have cats (I'm a leo - so I guess that's enough cat for this house) my 2 dogs are goldendoodles and have a mat problem. (aka their parents don't brush them enough)
They end up getting shaved about 2x per year - tho I don't think they have the hutspa to get pissed about it like cats do. :)
Awesome pix and gorgeous kitty!

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