Works for Me: Unmat a Cat

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of our kitties has SUPER long hair. She's actually very difficult to keep un-matted. We all try by keeping her brushed out but it doesn't always work well. I used to just take scissors to her matts, but I HATE doing that because I'm afraid I will cut her skin. UGH! Freaks me out just thinking about it.

Well, I got a brilliant idea! I had all these excellent little "bikini razors" floating around. Why not try one on the kitty to take out her matts! YAY! Works for me... :)

How would you or do you keep your long haired critters unmatted?


Jenny said...

That's a good idea. Our cats have shorter hair, so there are no mats. I recently saw a neat product called the furminator that might be helpful for you.

Anne Alagna said...

I have a Maltese that gets mats too. I bought a similar product (plugs in) to keep the mats off. Works great!

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