The Baby Bubble

Monday, November 22, 2010

The older siblings are fighting, the dogs are barking, the cats are yowling as only our cats do during a lot of noise and there is loud truck passing our house. All of this is going on but I’m not listening. BabyBubble1I’m in the baby bubble.  I am snuggled up with one of God’s greatest creations ever. My baby. I can’t believe I’ve been entrusted to care for something so little (again). This is my fourth baby and I am still in awe of all those fingers and toes. I love to count them, kiss them, hold them. The gentle even breathing, the contented sigh of being full. All of these form a baby bubble that make the world a better place for me.

When I take a moment to come up from the bubble to look around me I see my other baby’s. They are no longer fighting. There is giggling under a blanket on the couch, someone is playing the piano and the garage door goes up signaling that Daddy is home. Everyone else notices this too and the house explodes into a frenzy of activity as they hurry to the door to be the first to say hi to Daddy. Even my sleeping baby wakes up, somewhat confused by all the activity. That half awake look is so sweet. 

Daddy is held up at the door by small children saying hi, giving hugs and all talking at once. This is what makes Daddy’s day and his baby bubble. He loves his children and I couldn’t imagine them without him. He is the rock at their side. I sometimes feel that he expects too much from them but they adore him! It’s so obvious how much so when they greet him everyday. The older ones remember the times when Daddy doesn’t come home everyday. They have learned to live it up when he does.

Suddenly Daddy’s face comes into babies view and there is grinning, babbling, flapping! And with his entrance our little bubble expands to include everyone. There’s one on Daddy’s shoulders, snuggled next to me, standing in front of us all. I have to share my baby bubble now… but I don’t mind. They all started in this bubble and I’m glad to have them come back.


Jamie said...

Oh how sweet. <3 I love those moments when I can manage to turn off the outside world and just be with my littles. My last baby is 17 months old so I'm working hard to cherish every single one of those moments. My oldest is ten, so I know how fast the time goes. Enjoy!

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