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Friday, November 19, 2010

I have a pet peeve. I have several pet peeve’s actually like… hmm… well, maybe… Ok, so I don’t remember the other pet peeve’s right now because I am so focused on this one! I’ll save my other pet peeve rantings for another post.

Kid’s learn by example! I think most people know this and agree with this. So I get all bugged out when parents complain about Johnny yelling obscenities at them or repeating what Dad/Mom do in a certain situation. It also drives me nutso when I hear the comment, “Yah, we can’t say %$^&*! anymore because Johnny will repeat it.”

Don’tcha think that if you don’t want your kids to repeat it that you shouldn’t do/say it in the first place?!?! Why wait until the kids are old enough? Obviously if you want your kids to be “better than you” the example needs to be set early and if you don’t like the kids doing it… don’t wait, just STOP.

I guess the biggest thing that frustrates me about this is that the parent stating they can’t say (insert nasty expression here) seems upset that they can’t say it anymore. If it’s so terrible for kids to say, parents shouldn’t have started saying it either.

Okay, I think I should get off this soap box because I have a feeling rotten veggies will be thrown at me. Sigh… This post isn’t directed at anyone in particular either, just a rant.


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