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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LapbookThanksgivingWe started our first ever lapbook last week! While planning this lapbook I was overwhelmed. I had heard so many praises of them for keeping things organized that I also assumed that they would be simple to plan. Well, maybe now that I have experience it might be easier to plan. Also, researching bits at a time, printing/saving and coming back for assembling later would be better. Plus, I put the lapbook together first and then the kids would complete each section. This is backwards. Hehe… The kids might have more fun sticking everything in the book too. So those were a few errors I would like to repair for next time. I must say, the kids LOVED them!

Needless to say this has been a learning experience for both me and the kids. They enjoy the idea of unfolding or lifting flaps to complete their projects. I enjoy that everything is all in one place for a topic but it doesn’t all have to be completed in one sitting. Also, this is just one of the lapbooks I made. I made one for each kiddo so I made a different one for three grades. My youngest student did not have the page that lifted inside.

So here it is, with links for everything!

Front Cover:
- Pilgrim Kids – pg 8 (This is a “premade” lapbook too! I liked some of it, but some was too advanced for a few kiddos or I had something else in mind before I found this.)

Inside (Left):
- Acorn Maze (Older), Turkey Maze (Older) or Indian-Corn Maze (Younger)
- Crossword or Alphabet Dot-to-Dot

Inside (Right):
- Count your Blessings Pocket (I had to recreate this because the lapbook site it came from is now MIA.)
- Word Search

Middle (First pg):
- First Thanksgiving Flip Book
- Math Worksheet
- Color by Number Turkey

Middle (Inside Flap):
- Vocabulary Pictures and Words Flaps pgs 3-5 and 13 (After working on these, they don’t really work together well. You have to explain more words than there are pictures.)
- Mayflower Survival List pg 2
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Back (Forgot a picture!):
- Handprint Turkey Worksheet (Again, I recreated. The original is no longer available.)

You could also pick MORE or different things from this page.

Have fun!


Claire said...

Cool idea! I may have to do this during those few days before Thanksgiving break :)
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