When Illness Strikes!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

imageWhile you are pondering the whole “should I give my kids medicine” why not tackle how to keep life going for everyone else when illness strikes? Head over to Peace Creek on the Prairie with Betty for some GREAT ideas. I know I will be making some copies/folders up to think ahead like this myself. There’s an illness going around my house as I type and I have not had it yet. Best to be ready now. 

image Also see how a large family works through illness. It is best to keep on top of things to prevent others from getting sick. I can attest to the idea that taking preventative herbs has helped because like I said, there’s an illness in my home but I have not picked it up yet. I’m hoping not to! Let’s see how Kimberly at Raising Olivestake measures to prevent it’s spread. “

Take care!


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