Traveling Through Iowa

Friday, June 18, 2010

We cleared an entire state! To me that just seems odd and I don’t feel that we’ve driven like that. I think it’s because of the RV, personally. See we don’t really need to stop of food right now because I packed quick meals to eat on the way. Our first day traveling I didn’t have enough food though and didn’t think about how the time change would effect our eating habits. We were STARVING! But we survived. I planned a little better the next day and made an effort to get the kids food between our time of normal eating and the new time zone we came too. It’s WEIRD! I am not good with time at all either, so this has been a challenge. Hehe..

At any rate, Iowa has been very interesting. I’ve never really been in Iowa much or even past it so now I am paying more attention to the landscape. There’s a few things I have noticed that I snagged a few pictures.

There are windmills everywhere! And not just a few (like I’ve seen in Ohio) there are tons of them in certain areas. TONS! This was just one of the areas that we went past and not the best picture in the world either. What can I say though, we were driving. So forgive the pictures in advance for me.
We even saw a windmill in pieces on a semi truck being driven to it’s new home, I’m sure. One propeller filled a semi bed by itself! It was really awesome to see the propeller like that and given the size of these things.. WOW! 

Another notable detail in the landscape that this flat-state girl has never seen before (that I remember) is step farms. Check that out! There’s corn growing on a hill in stair step style! Hehe…

Iowa was cool. Crossing over large rivers, not so cool in my book, but still very neat to see. I’ve seen it before, but I’m still in awe of the size of the Mississippi.

Feel free to check out some of our Trip Fails so far. I just recently found out that I forgot my Nikon camera charger at home but Hubbie did much worse... SIGH!


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Ahhh! My first award! She is SO SWEET!!!!

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