Gorgeous Desolation

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Badlands3 As we travelled through the Badlands I felt the need to grip my seat during head spinning curves with the edge of nothing only a few feet away. I’m so glad I was not driving because the driver really had to pay attention to the road and not gawk around. Ever. At all. Notta! My stomach needed a break after those cliff hanging edges for sure. It was beautiful though! The kids loved it.

We did get a moment to hop out (it was not easy finding a place to pull our huge rig over to enjoy the scenery) and check things out though. They have trails leading you right out into… well… dirt, rock, cactus and nothing.

See us? We all climbed up there! Hehehe… Was so nerve wracking and yet fun. It wasn’t even that high either! I think it was just the expansive vastness all around.

There were some very sturdy, beautiful flowers growing all around too.
Badlands4 OH and yah, HEED the warnings:

We were fortunate enough to NOT run into any of these guys.

All-in-All a FANTASTIC choice to drive through the Badlands for a visit. We all loved and would appreciate a repeat. I wish I could have taken more photos while NOT riding in a vehicle, but happy with what I did get. There was a lot of construction on the road through the State Park, but it helped us to slow down and soak everything up. This trip is just showing me more and more the wonder of God’s creation around us.

There will be MORE of our RV trip coming up soon.


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