Honey, have you seen the keys?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

We recently added a storm door to the front of our house. After Hubbie installed the door he placed the keys on the kitchen counter and there they sat for a week or so. Of course, I went on a cleaning spree and decluttered the kitchen counter. Making note of the keys, I did NOT move them because I KNEW we would loose them if I did. Of course, they turn up missing.

“Honey, where are the front door keys?”

“What keys? I don’t have a front door key.” Is my simple response, because I don’t. I gave my house key to a friend for when we were out of town once and have YET to get another one made.

“Not the house key, the new storm door keys. They were right here on the counter.”

Uh-Oh…I knew I hadn’t moved them but we both knew I had cleaned up the kitchen. Great! OH and no, Hubbie did not blame me for losing them. I just thought I’d lost my mind, more. And so the search for the keys began. He finally did remember moving them himself and I remembered not moving them. I began to suspect maybe instead of Hubbie moving them a small child had wandered off with them. Where would I begin to search for two little keys in their toys?!

CrackerKeyFor three days we kept looking for those keys. Our all out search had failed us! But then I found them. Take a wild guess where they showed up and no, it was not the freezer. I found them under a box of crackers in the pantry! How or why he we would put them down in the pantry baffles me first but than to have them UNDER something. Ergh…

Where have you found misplaced keys in your house before? Would the place you found your keys be considered a Friday Fail like mine? Hehe… This should be interesting…


Amy said...

Keys have been found everyone, but the worst "misplacement" for me was when I put the mail to be sent in the fridge. Oh boy!


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