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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

And the world keeps on spinning whether I am alert or not. I really want to work on the computer, but I am having a hard time balancing computer time, baby time and kiddo time (Poor Hubbie! Looking back over that list there and he's not even on it... sigh... FAIL). I really figured this would happen once baby came. The computer was my best friend during bed rest, but I knew I would not have as much time as I did once I was back on my feet. I miss messing around on the computer and feel like I am going through withdrawal! Heheh... And yet, the world keeps on spinning.

At any rate, I am slowly working on posts behind the scenes. I am pulling together a huge Online Coupon Class series! It's my Coupon Class put into posts. Should be really cool! I am excited! It's just taking longer to get it all wrapped up together than I had hoped though. (Ya know, that whole world spinning thing... not enough hours in a day? I'm up every 2 hours basically though. Hehee...) I only get 5-15 min here or there to work on things and lets face it... If I stop in the middle of something, it's gone! My brain cannot contain more than 2 things at a time. Feed baby and something else. Since the majority of my day is Feed Baby... there's not much room for more. :)

What else should I post about on here? I'm kinda running low on ideas too. I need to do a brainstorm of what I'd like to post about so that I can get some more misc. crazy life things going too. :)

Oh and guess what... I have to get going because it's almost time to feed baby again. HEHEEH I might have to do more baby posts. That I know right now. :)


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