Works for Me - Chore Charts

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

We have tried all sorts of chore charts... Store bought, online, calendar, mom/dad dollars, etc. I was sick and tired of looking for a system, getting all excited, purchasing and than finding it won't work for us. And why not? Because I didn't need something complicated! I just needed the kids to be able to SEE what chores they needed to do and a way to keep them accountable to doing them. How hard is that?

Well, it's all very simple once I got into PowerPoint and made our own! YAY! Something simple. A checklist! I found clip-art that went with the chore, put a box next to it, hung them up inside sheet protectors where the kids can see them (they each have their own) and hung a dry erase marker next to them.

I want to SMACK myself in the forehead and say DOH! This Works for Us!


Cate said...

This is rockin! I'm totally going to try this for my kiddos.
Thanks for sharing!!

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