False Labor = Wrung out Washrag

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My body is in overdrive and we are letting it run it's course. The baby is over 36 weeks (I am in my 37th week right now) and I have been having random contractions since yesterday afternoon. It got down right unbearable for awhile last night! Everything is too sporadic to amount to anything yet. Obviously, things are moving forward with all this pre-labor/false labor stuff... but I need more time! There are some things that aren't ready for the baby to come, like:

1. My parents aren't here! So we have minimum manning for child care.
2. I do not have the baby clothes unpacked! ERGH
3. Our bedroom needs rearranged to accommodate the bassinet. (Not that I would be doing the rearranging myself anyway... HAHA Hubbie would have a fit!)
4. And more... but those are the big things on my priority list now.

Who is ever really ready for a baby anyway, right? I should know from past experience that we won't ever REALLY be ready for baby. I just like to LOOK like I am ready a little bit though. Can't I at least have that hope? (grin)

I'm very tired and feel much like a wrung out washrag. I'm going to take it easy in hopes that we can keep baby at bay just one more week.

With all that's been going on though, I have been telling everyone I bet this kiddo will be late and not come until March! Grrrr... What do you think?


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