Valentine's Letter Writing Contest!!

Friday, February 05, 2010

I wanted to pass on the word about a Valentine's Letter Writing contest!
From Feb 1 - Feb 11th Focus on the Family is holding a Valentine's Day Contest. Write a letter to your spouse about how/why you want to grow old with them and submit it.

Will you enter?
There's prizes awarded everyday! You can enter more than once!

It also ties in perfectly with my Why I Love themed Blog Carnival/meme: Why I Love... Which will be posted Thur, Feb 11 and be about Why I Love my Husband (you can say wife, fiance, boy/girlfriend). You are welcome to enter my link up on Thur, Feb 11 - Fri, Feb 12. (Oh sorry, no prizes awarded for my link up! Just the joy of sharing. :) )

Let me know if you are entering/linking up with these!!


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