Door Jam Offers Support...

Friday, February 05, 2010

I was putting the kids to bed after a long day. We had a fun evening of playing around and watching a favorite show but once the idea of bedtime came up it seemed like everything went downhill.

Leaning in on the door jam I announced that I was going to loose it. I leaned in hard on that door jam. I said a quick prayer. I counted to 10. I felt better! I felt ready to turn back to them without going off into the "angry mommy land".

Did we finish getting to bedtime all roses from there? Not really... it was still a struggle. But I didn't feel so alone in the struggle because the kids were also alert to the fact that I was at the end of my rope. They wouldn't have known that if I had not told them so.

I forget that... I always tell them that I can't read their minds. Funny thing is I expect myself to either hold everything in or they should just be able to see what's going on in my mind?


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