Our House Guest

Saturday, February 06, 2010

I just wanted to introduce everyone to our little house guest... who will be leaving us today. He's been a friendly little guest and I've enjoyed having him around. He's a tad quirky though so I won't miss some of his little ticks.

His name is Nebby. He is my parents little pup and we've had him with us for about a week now while they vacation in Mexico. Not a real fair trade off in my book. :)

His favorite past times include: chasing a laser light, drinking water and coming up to sniff your face with wet fur everywhere, getting combed out, bouncing around in the snow, crawling under the covers on the bed, NOT sitting when told to, boofing (yes, it's not bark... or woof... it's b-oo-f) at me at late hours to play with him and he is afraid of our Wii and fireplace. OH he's absolutely TERRIFIED of our cats who would like nothing more than to play with him. HAHAHHA

Thanks for joining us this week Nebby! We look forward to visiting you at your house again soon. :)


Julie the Army Wife said...

What a sweetie :)

Louise said...

Hi Dee,
I follow Jeanne's blog. You've fixed it!!!!!!!! Thankyou so much. You are very kind to put so much time into someone else's problem. You have blessed not only her but all her readers.
Blessings to you,

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