Relief... Tension... Relief?

Monday, February 08, 2010

I was amazed that I suddenly had more energy last week! Granted I was still easily exhausted and would be slammed but multiple braxton/contractions with the more I moved around... but the moral of the story is that I COULD move around and I was getting up more often.

I think that all of this happened because I was more RELAXED! I was past the point of a really, really preemie baby. I felt that if this little one were to come tomorrow that we would be prepared to meet them and they are ready to meet us. This makes a WORLD of difference on my outlook of this pregnancy, what I can and what I can't do. I even have dinner plans out with friends on Wednesday!!! Although I am doubting my attendance at this point in time.

The tension all started EARLY on Sunday morning. My contractions were 5 minutes apart for about a half hour. I decided to just get up and try taking a shower to see if that would break them up. Nope. It increased them! So I crawled back into bed to try and relax again. They didn't go away, just went back to 5 minutes apart again. After calling the doctor, he said we should come on into the hospital. Nothing doing there and I was only 1cm so we left again.

I am staying with my parents now because they are closer to the hospital and hoping that this labor will not last too long. I am worn out.

I was blessed with a little note from one of my kiddos after taking a nap on Sunday though. Is this not the cutest thing ever? I love it! Just made my day a little brighter. :)


The Household 6 Diva said...

Big hugs Mama! Go have someone take a good belly silhouette picture - It won't be long before you'll have your brand new little one!

ps Try some red-raspberry tea! :)
Worked all three times for me!

Kathryn said...

"I've REALLY enjoyed poking around on your blog!! I will be back for more. :) Thanks for sharing!

Take care in your pregnancy!!"

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am glad you enjoyed it! :) Take care in your pregnancy as well, sounds like you will meet your baby very soon!! :)

Jeanne said...

That pic of you and bubby is just priceless!! Keep well.

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