Night Time Breastfeeding

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am proud to say that I have taken on the night time feeding schedule with a vengeance! Hubbie has been disturbed by the feedings, but I have not required his assistance with them. (Okay, except the one time that baby leaked through EVERYTHING and we were both crying. Baby hungry and me overwhelmed by the mess. Sigh..) I am glad that I have taken on these feedings like I have though because Hubbie has weird work hours and isn't always available for night time help. No sense in getting used to having help and having it disappear, right? It's not been too bad either.

With our past babies Hubbie has had to do everything with nighttime feedings or at least most of everything. He's had his fair share of diaper changing in the dark and spit up on the pillow. Our last little one was incredibly fussy at night and kept us up a LOT. I am hoping that this baby will continue in the pattern set this first week.

I have a rhythm with it all. Hehe... Baby fusses, I sit up, feed a side, burp baby (such a good little burper!!), change diaper, feed other side, burp again (Sometimes I don't disturb baby with this burp. The second side is usually a "gentler" feeding so there is no real burp.) and baby is back to sleep (usually). I use my phone to tweet and cruise the internet during the feeding to keep me awake. Hehe... Or else we don't get it all done in a timely manner and I am up longer than I need to be or not getting a good amount of rest in the 2 hours I have for rest. I feel like a pro! HAHAAHHA

What did you do for nighttime feedings?


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