Staying in the Hospital Bubble

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's really weird how a Hospital stay after the baby is born can seem like it's part of another planet. The last delivery I remember getting antsy to be home pretty quickly. This time, I utilized my stay to rest, rest and well... rest. It's like living in a bubble for awhile. I think it was a good thing this time because I was very overwhelmed from the pregnancy and delivery. More emotionally overwhelmed than anything else. The first day home was like a breath of fresh air and a painful reminder that my body was not back in order yet.

I am glad I stayed those few days in the hospital so that my family did not have to do 24 hour care on me and the baby. I was just plain beat from the false/early labor and finally delivery. I needed the extra rest time and the other kiddos didn't need to see Mommie cringing from the cramps during a baby feeding. The cramping stopped much quicker than I anticipated though!! In the hospital I was worried it would effect my continuing breastfeeding, but they stopped the day after being home. What a HUGE relief!

As an extra bonus the hospital I deliver at has a 24 hour cafeteria available! Which means I could have tasty food brought to me as soon as my appetite kicked in without asking Hubbie to do anything more than hand me the phone. :)

What would be or was your decision on staying in the hospital after baby is/was born and why?


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