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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have so become a "new mom" all over again. Everything I do revolves around baby; baby stuff, feeding baby, crying baby, changing baby, etc! Is this a bad thing? I guess I don't mind right now. I will have to remember to expand my mind (tweets and posts!) beyond baby soon or all (hehee... maybe 10 of you?) readers will be running for the hills!

If you can just humor me a bit longer though. I promise I am working on other posts about coupon savings, gardening, cell phone apps and more. Hang in there!

I have not had a baby in several years and I am always impressed by the latest and greatest updates that occur with baby products. Here are a few that I am totally loving!

Who had the BRILLIANT idea of putting a REMOTE with a bassinet?! I LOVE this!I can turn on the little lambie mobile, lights and music from the other side of the room! Of course, Littlest One does not seem really enthralled with these features yet, but in the future. Wow! Just think of the possibilities!

Okay, so Boppy Pillows have been around for awhile and I'm so out of the loop. I cannot believe that I've breastfed children without a Boppy Pillow now. Ha! This little pillow is awesome! A friend of mine gave it to me and I am so thankful.

And you may just have to have a baby around to change to fully appreciate this little beauty. Yah, sure... it's a diaper. That's not what I am thrilled about. Look closer... Do you see it? There's a little yellow line down the middle. When a baby wets in the diaper the little line turns blue/green! I LOVE it! No more me (in a sleep deprived state) changing a perfectly dry diaper just because I wasn't sure and wasting it. Awesome idea of the little yellow line there folks... Awesome idea!

Dontcha just wanna go ahead and have another baby to try out some cool new baby things? Heheh... okay, maybe not. But they are still cool to me! I believe I am more sleep deprived than I thought.

Oh and if you are tired of my baby ramblings here, head over to (of all blog titles) The Diaper Diaries and check out some "Things I Love" other people have posted. It's like getting a little adult conversation after hanging around here too long. :)


Click Clack Mom said...

I LOVE that diaper feature!! I was so sad when Jackson grew out of the newborn diapers and they didn't turn green.

I've so enjoyed reading through your blog today. The first few months with a baby are the toughest. Remember it gets so much easier, so quickly!!

Dee said...

Oh no! You mean it's not on the next size up diapers? Bummer...

And yah, being baby number 4 I'm finding a rhythm pretty quickly and not stressing over things too much. Or trying not to anyway... Wanna enjoy this little one completely in case it's our last little one. Sigh...

The Diaper Diaries said...

I agree. Those diapers are genius. And a remote control mobile!! Mine winds up the old fashion way :(

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