Why I am Not Moving... Blogger vs. Wordpress

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am a list maker so after some debate and a bit of research I have decided to stay where I am with this blog for now. I may regret it later. Only time will tell. Here's *my* Pro/Con list for WHY I am staying with Blogger.com for now. You might come up with other reasons too. Please, share in the comments so I can keep investigating this!! One of your reasons might just push me over the edge of my decision.

Note: I am currently using Blogger.com as my host. I am playing with a site design over at Wordpress.com too. They BOTH take a learning curve to figure out where stuff is but once you get one going it's not too bad to get a work-flow down.

Blogger.com Pro List:
  • I am here! :)
  • I know how to code.
  • I like this design I am working on. (Yes, it's a work in progress still. I'll get there.)
  • Option to advertise google ads at least
  • FREE Hosting

Blogger.com Con List:
  • Not self-hosted
  • Tricky to code somethings where I want them to be, but I always have html option
  • No site statistics unless I link up to one.
  • Adding images is time consuming!
  • Stream lining comments isn't happening...

Wordpress.com Pro List:
  • FREE Hosting
  • Statistics wrapped into the site design! Brilliant!
  • Cool features/plug-ins available
  • I know how to code! :) Works here too.
  • Seems there's a Post Editor that you can create templates with for your posts! Cool....Have not located it yet.
  • There are plug-in's available to streamline comments.

Wordpress.com Con List:
  • Not self-hosted
  • Limited on plugins
  • A little limited on customization here - maybe I am missing something though?
  • No advertising options

(I'm not sure about adding images to Wordpress.com yet, is that challenging? Time consuming?)

Wordpress.org Pro List:
  • Self-Hosted = Lots and LOTS of freedom... and coding... :)
  • Unlimited features available!
  • Total freedom to advertise
  • Cool features/plug-ins available
  • I know how to code! :) Works here too.

Wordpress.org Con List:
  • Yah... Lots and lots of coding can be... ERGH for some...
  • Must find a host - which I cannot afford right now
  • Must find a domain - not too tricky, but another money issue

So obviously the biggest things holding me back from switching to WordPress.com or .org can be boiled down to these two things:

1. I do not have the money to self-host, which is the BEST route to go for a long term blog.

2. I am afraid to invest a bunch of money I do not have into something I don't keep up on. HEHEHE... I am being realistic here! I want to make sure I will continue this before I invest. Isn't that what any advertiser would look at too? If I am "advertising" myself on this blog than I want to see my "advertising" for a bit before I invest any more than I have into the blog.

So are you moving from Blogger to Wordpress? If not, here's some tips to make your Blogger blog just what you want. :)


Anjanette said...

You summed up my thoughts pretty well also! Especially "Adding images is time consuming!" lol!

I'm sticking with blogger atm too - working on content and readership until my advertising can pay for a pro account at wp to try out. Money is a big issue - especially if you (like me) are a little worried that you won't be able to follow through.

supreme said...

I totally agree with your post! Ya, I have some issues with Blogger but enough to worry about paying for service right now. As my blog grows, I may change my mind but I am fairly happy with what I can do at Blogger.

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I'm still a Blogger blog, too. I made the decision back in the fall of '08 when I redid my blog design. I sounded like you--I may regret it later--but so far I don't. I don't have the time to invest in the learning curve. I know what I'm doing with Blogger. I'm earning money. My traffic has increased.

Why mess with it?

Dee said...

Glad to see there's other's leaning in my direction too! Hehe... And yes, we may just regret it later... but for now. I can't see me moving until I know I will continue, increase readers and want to make money off of it.

I'm gonna keep working on this design and have fun with it!

Sammy said...

I'm sticking with blogger too.... for now. I don't have the money to buy my own domain right now or to pay for hosting.

Judy said...

Good post! I'm sticking with blogger for now, too, for the same reasons that you mentioned. Yes, I think WP has some really great features that I WANT, but for now blogger is meeting my NEEDS.

Steph B. said...

I am sticking with blogger too. I really don't know what is so "bad" about it. You can do lots with it if you know how to do it.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to stay with Blogger for a while too. As you know, they finally added Pages and I think that given time, they will catch up even more!

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