Ugh... Modified Bed Rest

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What exactly is "modified" bed rest? Why does everyone FREAK out whenever you say "blah blah blah... bedrest"? For me... As I'm sure it is and would be for most mom's of multiple little ones, any form of bedrest is grueling and I cannot imagine being put on full bedrest. I think I'd go insane! I'm basically asked by my doctor to keep my feet up as much as I can, not lift anything heavy, stay off of stairs, etc. I'm required by my family to park it most of the day.

I've gotten lots of shocked people to see me at church or hear that I made lunch or something when they found out that I was on "bedrest". Ummm... I'm not on STRICT bedrest. I need to take it easy but I'm not chained to my bed. Granted I don't LIKE being on any form of bedrest, I have adjusted to it now. I am even surprised that I have been on modified bedrest for about a month now! Time really flies... when you aren't doing much of anything. (grin) Even getting used to not moving around much I've had lots of problems just relaxing in a chair while the world spins on all around me. I feel like I loose motivation to even accomplish things that I can while sitting here because I am just sitting here.

I suppose eveyone has the right to be a little nervous about my on coming braxton (there's been days I've had anywhere between 6-10 per hour) and contractions (the most I had was 3 in an hour). See my last pregnancy ended with me sleeping through my contractions and awaking at 3am with my water breaking. I delivered within 3 hours of that happening too. Hehehe...

Now that I have acccepted my lot in bedrest, I seem to be doing so much better! Like yesterday, I nested quite a bit by picking up miscellaneous clutter around the house. I only had about 8 braxton's in the whole day! Today I've had 5 and I am a bit tired but doing well.

Are we ready for the count down??? Baby is due late February but I am guessing that I will not making it past Valentine's day. Currently I am 35 weeks so just two more weeks and I will happily begin moving about and encourage this little one to come.


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