Should I be on Fall Risk?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I think maybe I am falling in love with my babies? Or at least I have fallen WITH my babies. My last pregnancy I fell down the stairs about three times. One time had a VERY good excuse for my falling down the stairs. I was trying to figure out what I was going to snack on while carrying a load of laundry down the stairs. I was distracted! Good excuse right?

Well, with this pregnancy I vowed not to fall down the stairs and so far so good! I think something that is helping me out a bit with not falling is that I am on modified bed rest, so I've already limited my use of the stairs quite a bit. Yet, even without stairs I have found a way to fall and let me tell ya... it was not pretty. It was one of those slow motion kind of falls. The one where you dream you have your hands in your pocket and there's not a thing you can do to stop yourself from falling kind of falls.

I was innocently trying to setup for my last coupon class. My dear sweet Hubbie was setting up the laptop to work with the TV in the room and my loving children were attempting to move some tables around for me. I was trying to give direction to the kiddos for the direction to move the table. (Obviously we need to work on direction a bit more because they were moving chairs everywhere but where I pointed!) So I went to try and help the kiddos figure out where I wanted the table. On my way back to my chair I failed to see a bench that was low to the ground and matched the carpetting. My foot got stuck, I stumbled and thought I could right myself but I am a bit "front heavy". So now you see where I am going? I went to my knees first. Thought again I would stop. Nope so I wrapped my arms around my middle and rolled to my side. After thudding on the ground I notified my hubbie that I had fallen (he had his back to me) and began to giggle uncontrollably! (Which, by the way, doesn't help at all!) I felt so dumb and I was totally amazed that no one witnessed me going down (there were some other people in the room). My kids informed me, "that would have been a GREAT Funniest Home Video, Mommie!"

So, how do YOU fall when you are pregnant? Hehe... Hopefully never! Oh and I am recovered from this fall. All is well with little baby.


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