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Sunday, January 31, 2010

We did very well last week. A few deviations but nothing major. It was more a switching the days around to work out better for time sake. Hubbie likes the meal plan though so I need to keep up my end of the bargain here.

I need to take a tour of our stock pile to figure out what we have again. I also REALLY need to find my menu list. Somewhere I have a bunch of recipes that we really love all written out, but I can't find the paper. ERGH

Leftovers! We have lots of Chicken Enchilada and Stroganoff left from the last few meals yet in the fridge.

Hearty Chicken 'N Dumpling Soup

Stir fry of some sort... I am just not sure with what meat until I investigate the freezer. :) Maybe it'll be a veggie one? Hmmm...

Mac N Cheese with Sausage or Leftovers
This is always a super busy night for us and I will need something quick that I can make. Hubbie has too much going on.

Tacos! We've not had taco's in awhile... they sound good... Must remember to pick up more lettuce for this meal.

Pizza night might be in order here. This is a long day for the kiddos so I like to have something fun to look forward to.

Soup and Cheese Toasties
I forgot to include this day on my last meal plan, but it all worked out well! Hehe... Whoops! We usually have such a late brunch that dinner is more of a lunch. I'm aiming for a lunch meal here...

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ToyLady said...

My husband's been talking about tacos, and how long it's been since we've had them. It looks like Taco Night is going to be on our menu soon, too!

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