Big Deal for a Short Stay

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I see everyone on twitter that I follow discussing what they will wear at an upcoming blogger conference and it got me to thinking on my short stay away from home that I need to pack a bag. I am always amazed that a overnight stay in the hospital is such a hard thing to plan. HAHAHA I've done this before but I always make such a big deal out of it. Why is that?

So I need to make a list...

- Clothes to LEAVE in (wouldn't you know I ALWAYS forget this?!)
- Comfie Nightie (I hate hospital gowns)
- Robe (Did I mention that I hate hospital gowns?!)
- AHEM... Danties but not so danty ones cuz... yah... hehe...
- Slippers/Socks
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Razor (another thing I tend to forget!)
- Hand Sanitizer!!! Or some pretty smellum' soap
- Lotion
- Hair Brush
- Barettes
- Make-up (because I'm optimistic about looking good for one... HAHA)
- Camera (the good one! Flash and all)
- Cell Phone (cuz it'll be my connection to the world! HAHA)
- New BEEBEE outfit(s)! (It never fails the one I love doesn't fit...)

Hmmmm... I've run outta ideas... I know there HAS to be more than all that. I tend to get stir crazy and easily bored while there... but I know I should rest a lot and try to do that. Doesn't always work, but I try to rest. :)

What do you suggest to take to the hospital for a new baby that I am forgetting???


Steph B. said...

Socks or slippers!
I take my hair dryer too LOL :)

Jennie C. said...

A good book to read and some instant flavored coffee or tea, something sweet to snack on...

Dee said...

Hair dryer... hmmm... I might take my hair straightner because it drys hair FAST. Great idea!

I'm having issues finding some good books to read right now. I've loaded some photography pdf files on my phone (I'll have my camera! hehe!) and a Bible so far. I think that will have to be... can't beat that really. :)

As for sweets, the hospital is great about having tons of snacks, drinks and food available for me. Plus there's a DeBrands Chocolate Factory RIGHT across the street. Anyone who visits will be required to bring me a treat. HAHAHAHA Okay, maybe not... but I am considering this as a mandate. :)

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