Works for Me Wednesday - Keeping Up Upstairs....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alright this "modified" bed rest deal has definitely been a challenge to abide to with all the kiddos running around everywhere. We have a two story house too and I have been used to the idea of climbing the stairs at LEAST 10 times a day to care for... well, whatever might be going on or need attention.

Now I am not supposed to or allowed by my family to move around as much but I needed to find a way to keep in contact with everyone in different areas of the house.

Hubbie to the rescue with a set of rechargeable Walkie Talkies!!! (I was using the kids Walkie Talkies for awhile, but their set has limited channels and I found that someone else in the neighborhood can pick up on their channels! DOH! Now really... do I want someone else hearing me: "I don't care what you are fighting about or who with, I want all your little butts down here NOW." HAHAHAHAH) I digress...

Now I leave a handset upstairs where the kiddos can hear it and I have one at my elbow all day. They have even taken to going over to call me when they might need something or just to say Hi and play around a bit too. It's worked out VERY well for us.

So that's my "Works for Me Wednsday" Post this time around... Hope to have more in the weeks ahead. These are fun! :) I need to work on this site design... ugh...


Meghan said...

Very cute. Though I wouldn't want my neighbors hearing me.

Dee said...

Hehehe! I totally agree! That's why we switched the other handset. I change the channels every now and again, but I think they have more channels than the neighbors. :)

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