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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Is stiff a mood? It's more like *I* am simply stiff.... not that my mood is stiff...

Anywho! I've been gone a long time from here, eh? Sorry about that... Been busy trying NOT to get sick from the pregnancy and flu. Hehe... I am in the second trimester now and well, ever since the flu the whole nausea thing has been non-existent. (SO nice!) I've been traveling though too. Packed up all the kiddos and took an extensive road trip. Wow... Let me just say that little ones and 11 hours drives do NOT go together well. At all. Just make note of that. :)

On to business though... I have big plans since I am feeling more like ME and well, home. I want to paint something! I doubt it will happen but I want to paint anyway. I'd like to move my garden along a big faster on ripening tomatoes so that I can get started canning them. Doubt that will happen too. HAHAHAAH I am NOT doing as much on the computer anymore and have noticed that I have a bit more time to stress out about other things... oh and read books! (Did I ever mention I love to read? Simply LOVE to read.... Could read all day... but a person needs to eat.)

Ah well... this site will probably never be revamped like I had wanted it to be, but I will try to post a bit here and there when I think about it. Some of the reason I've been off the computer so long is because typing would make me nauseated. HAHAHA Watching the words go across the screen messed with my head more than usual I supppose. Hehehe....


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