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Thursday, July 09, 2009

We have hermit crabs. I can say, "I have crabs" and not worry about it at all.

HAHAHA Okay... maybe I won't say that outloud in public. Hehehe...

At any rate, the other day I cleaned up their fun little tank. It's a 75 gallon monster of a tank but not difficult to straighten since we are down to 7 little crablets. At one point in time I had over 25 of 'em roaming around in there. It's really hard to find hermit crabs these days. I'd love to get more of 'em though. They are fun to watch!

At any rate (Yes, I lost my own topic there. No worries though it's not a really life shattering topic anyway.), I have an air bubble stone in one of their water dishes but when I cleaned it out I forgot to put it back in there. Wandering crabbies reminded me. They do not necessarily care if their water bubbles or not it's more that they like to climb the dumb thing and get absolutely no where. Heheh...

Hmmm... sounds like my day in general most of the time?


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