Worm Math!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Magazines (I'm behind)
There's a true science to all this worm stuff. It's really fun to research all of this and it's making a GREAT unit study for the kiddos too.

Apparently wormies eat 1/2 their weight in one day. HAHHA That's a lot in my book, but when you look at a worm it's not so much. Anyway, with this information I have to figure out how much to feed our little buddies per day or week. Hmm... I am really not all that good at math either, have I mentioned that before? Yah, no good at math here. Sigh...

Okay... We do not have a big worm farm by any means. I've started REALLY small due to finances, available supplies and let's face it, I might just have something horrible happen to them all and I didn't want a pound of worms on my conscience. (You think I am joking here don't ya? Hehe... It does sound funnie though. I really wasn't sure how well this would all work out though. Lots of projects look good on paper!) So we have about 120 red wrigglers at this moment and one little bin to build up from.

1 lb of worms = approximately 500 worms
1 lb of worms eats 1/2 lb of food per day

So do you have the story problem all in your mind? With these facts how much food per day will 120 worms eat. ERGH! Brain... working...

1/2 lb worms = 250 worms
1/4 lb worms = 125 worms

1/2 lb worms = 1/4 lb of food
1/4 lb worms = 1/8 lb of food

Alrighty! So 2oz of food per day. YAY! I am sure I can find that amount of goodies for them to check out. I have a scale for sending mail out so I can measure their food that way pretty easily.

PHEW! Now... what do worms eat or like to eat the best?


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