The Great Escape!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Now, I will just let you know right up front that this story will not be what it seems. I do not often write stories like this for others to read either, so this is quite a stretch for me! I tend to keep them to myself and actually rarely even write them down. Feel free to let me know what you think, but please be kind and remember, I am "still learning". :)


He inched along with determined, methodical movements. The fact that he could not see anything did not hamper his thought that he must get out. Even in the darkness he could sense that it was raining outside. It was night. Everything was still and quiet. Suddenly, he located an opening on the side of the wall. He went for it! It was just large enough for him to slink through unharmed but the opening was over a large ravine. He must find a way to get to the top. Going up would be his only hope of escape.

Stopping only to think for a moment, it did cross his mind that he did not know what he was escaping from. Even still he moved on because he also did not know when this opportunity would come again. He must go now and as quickly as possible. It was amazing how he climbed a sheer vertical wall without even one slip. It seemed like forever before he reached the top and took a deep breath of fresh air. It was cooler out here. The strangest thing was that he could still sense that it was raining, but it was dry.

Feeling his way around the top he found himself on nothing more than an incredibly thin ledge. There was the ravine on one side and another steep drop off on the other. So where was he to go from here? Without much thought this time he decided to go down the other side. At least that way he knew he was headed out or away from this place. The first few movements down the wall were pretty easy. It was more like he was lowering himself down slowly. He started going faster than he intended and the wall disappeared from under him. He quickly realized that he was no longer touching anything. He was free falling!

When he recovered from his mind numbing fall he started moving again. His lack of sight did not slow him at all this time. He was on a smooth flat surface with nothing to stop him. He kept moving all around. Soon he came to the conclusion that he did not know if he was going anywhere or simply traveling in circles. Everything seemed the same. There was nothing different. It was as if the world had disappeared and left him stranded in a place with nothing.


Sigh... That's all the further I can go with this story because the ending is not a happy one at all. I recently had two worms run away from their new home and ended up perishing on the kitchen floor. This little story is titled: The Great Escape! A Worms Perspective

I'd imagine the fall out of the box didn't help at all. I am very baffled as to why they left the box in the first place. I'm not sure if worms require time to settle or if they were looking for something that is missing from my box. I hope that there are no other escape artist in the box though.

So there... were you surprised? Hehe... I always loved creative writing class were the teacher gave you an assignment and you had to go write about it. I'm totally weird, aren't I? (Hmmm... don't answer that! HAHA)

Poor wormies...


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