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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've just started following lots of blogs and twitter accounts lately and then I stumbled across a whole blog scam thingie. I was shocked! Even with the aftermath of it I feel sorry for all the people who were possibly "taken in" and I feel the most sorry for the person who started it. I am hoping that the people who started are real and that the story is true or even mostly true. (And part of me is hoping the story is not even remotely true because it's REALLY sad!) I am giving everyone the benefit of the doubt on this and am so sorry. I've been around webmaking for quite awhile. My first website was started in 1998 for my favorite game. There were LOTS of scams and stealing going on with it then too and I got burned a few times. It's not easy being on the internet world for all to see. Hence the reason why I am so much more private than most with names and things on my blog. Sigh...

Makes everyone look at all the blogs out there in a totally different light doesn't it? That's so sad too...


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