Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot! HOT!
I'm delayed on a lot of things. I hate that. It never fails that I have such grand ideas as updating a website, scheduling posts, cleaning a closet, dusting, clipping coupons, etc.... but do they get done? Nope. Instead you can find me digging in the garden, yapping on the phone, reading books to the kiddos, planning extravagant trips to pick strawberries, pouring over cook books, sweeping!!, taking pictures that I never download, etc (yes, I said sweeping.. I like to sweep. I do need a new vacuum though. Brooms and me do not get along as well.)

In my defense the yapping on the phone with friends has been to inform about the current pregnancy as well as get everyone caught up about our littlest one's recent stay in the hospital. OH and the house is being cleaned right now by our wonderful cleaner. Hehe... So not so many things are being left in the dust. Literally...

My dear hubbie just got home though so I am going to go now. I have to get the kiddos ready for a hot day of sticky strawberry picking. Yum!


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