Service with a Milk Bone?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I went to the bank today and as it worked out I had to take our neurotic pup with me as well as my youngest child. I decided for the drive thru, even though my deposit was all cash, and I asked for a kid sticker too for the little one. Of course, Zeek (Ezekiel) could not miss any opportunity to scare the bee-jeebers outta me by barking in my ear at the bank teller. And do you know what? The bank teller sent me a milk bone through the drive through canister just for him! HAHAHA How fun is that?

I guess my bank is all about making sure everyone is happy. She made the comment to me that some dogs begin to recognize the bank and will plow through their owners to make sure it's known they are there for their treat. I can definately see Zeek doing this... hmm... I am second guessing on ever taking him again now. HAHAHAHA

Have you ever taken your dog to the bank and received a milk bone?

BTW: Zeek is not really a pup at all anymore. He's 10 years old actually, but you wouldn't know that when you met him. :)


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