Menu Plan Monday - May 18-24

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I wanted to try and post my Menu Plan for the week on my blog. I have been keeping a pretty good menu plan going now for over a month now!!! I'm so proud of myself for that! I tend to have issues with meal prep and wait to the last minute, but I got this nifty little thing to stick on my fridge to basically write down our meal for the night and I have been watching with her weekly menu list too.
Breakfast and lunch are almost always the same so I am really only focusing on Dinner Plans here. I am also not adding the side dishes that I serve right now. I may get into that another day, too tired tonight. This is just a list of the main courses.

This may not be the best week to show off my menu though because we will be a bit busier this week than usual. Plus, Hubbie will be home most of the week which always throws a kink in the plans... hehe... Not bad, we just tend to mismanage our time a bit more is all. Try to get more done than we really can. That is why the recipes are mostly quick and simple though. Plus, the kiddos got into requesting things while I was planning the week so I wanted to make sure their requests got on the A list.

Chicken Fajitas!
I am going to try and accomplish make your own tortilla recipe. I have already made up my own Chicken Fajita's recipe. :)

Velveeta Garden Primavera with some minor adjustments and Strawberry Shortcake (if I can find some good berries)

Talipia, Corn and Mashed Potatoes
Not the most colorful dish in the world, but the kids go nuts for it.

Requested by my oldest. Will probably add a salad or something else to it too.

Cheeseburger Pizza again, with adjustments.
I may try this one instead though:
Garden Pizza Bites

Sloppy Joes (may switch with Tuesday, depending on the grocery situation)

Chicken Pot Pie

OH and if you have not noticed, you will as I go along with these lists. I make adjustments to almost every recipe... or see the picture of something and change the whole thing. It's just the way I cook. Many of my recipes have no written recipe! HAHA I need to remedy that though. Someday...


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