There was an Explosion!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Nice
We were all playing in the yard quite nicely. I was working in the garden trying to catch up with the weeds from the rainy last few days. The kiddos were digging up worms or swinging and than everything went a little crazy.

Our dog was out roaming about and he decided to go use his area of the yard, like the well trained dog that he is SUPPOSE to be. The only problem with this is the fact that a mother robin had made a nest on the corner fence post of his area of yard and when he was sniffing around all the baby robins freaked out! Literally!! There were birds EVERYWHERE! I was pretty sure there was only four babies in that nest, but at that moment in time I felt like I was an actress in Alfred Hitchcocks BIRDS movie. The kids were ducking and there was confusion everywhere. I almost got beamed in the face as a little one tried not to fly through me and rather awkwardly landed on the fence behind me.

I did manage to get ahold of the dog before he got ahold of any of the babies. I think he was just as stunned and confused about it all as we were. He seemed more curious about what all the racket was than actually chasing them. The little baby I took a picture of was in total shock at the time, but did eventually fly off. I put out the bird feeder as a peace offering to the mama who was none to happy with any of us.

PHEW! Let's hope that the backyard is safe again without being bombarded by little critters that really aren't sure how to fly! I think the dog might just have to use the front yard for a bit until things calm down though.


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