Standing up Straight

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I went to our local Homeschool Resource Expo today and for some reason I am now completely worn out! I am sad that I did not find all that I was looking for but I think the information I received will be worth the cost of entering and paying parking. What I cannot believe is that parking cost twice the amount of entering the expo event. Hehehe... Oh well...

I almost have all of our plants hardened off and ready to move outside. They are on the front porch right now (somewhat) enjoying the windy, chill that is moving over us. They have an issue standing up in all this wind. I hope it's not to rough on them. I was REALLY set on planting them outside tomorrow, but there may be another frost advisory in our area so I might have to wait a another day. Patience is becoming a hot commodity around here. (sigh)

And speaking of patience... How about a little sign that I made up to remind myself of a very important idea in our household. No it's not been a rough day. Heheh... I just think of my sign everytime I think of patience is all.

(Click the image for full size. Adjust printer settings to landscape for printing on one page.)

Take care!


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