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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Fine
While the kiddos sit behind me pretending to be story teller and the little seedling babies are out on the patio, I have decided to make another "book basket" post. I actually am using a reuseable shopping bag for our books right now. YAY! I might pick up a book box that they have available at the library the next time I am there though.

The Duchess Bakes a Cake by Virginia Kahl
An absolutely adorable story that holds the kiddos attention quiet well! I actually thought the cake was going to blow up or some horrible thing would happen, so I was glad it all ended well.

Who's Toes are Those by Joyce Elias
I snagged this one when I knocked over the whole display of Where the Sidewalk Ends. HAHAHA I guess maybe even I should not be allowed in the library? Sigh...
At any rate, the book was worth it. So very cute! It's little riddles to make you guess what the animal on the next page is while all you can see are their toes.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett
Awesome illustrations as well as a sweet story. The kiddos and I really felt bad for Fritz but so glad that the moral of the story (being gentle, dependable and kind) came out true and rewarded.

Kittens First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
Sooo cute! Poor kitten... great book to take the time to discuss the phases of the moon when you are done laughing at this crazy cat. :)

Franklin Fibs by Paulette Bourgeois
Yah... self explanatory title there... we are working with a fibber issue. Makes me wonder what I can do to make up a fake fly pie. HAHAH

Pony Pals Series by Jeanne Betancourt
We've actually been reading this series for a little while. We are on book 4 of the series. They are easy readers, short chapters and all the kiddos get really pulled in to the story. The common response when I finish a chapter is, "Awwwwww!!! One more PLEASE!" I buy these books because I intend to have the kiddos go back through them again on their own later. :)

Be sure to check out MORE book reading lists at: The Happy Housewife

Welp, I have to go work on laundry, piano review, get the seedlings back inside and so much more now. Have fun reading!!


Wendi said...

I'll have to check out some of the books that you mentioned in this post, the riddle one sounds really interesting.

We own "Fritz and the Beautiful Horses" ~ it is a very sweet book.

Laura said...

I will have to check out the pony pals series for my 8 year old. I'm always trying to find chapter books to keep her attention.

The Happy Housewife said...

I love your book choices! I think I might add all of them to my library list.
You knocked over a book display!!! I hope you were okay...

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