I Kicked 'em Out...

Monday, May 04, 2009

Okie Dokie
We all knew the time would come, right? I couldn't do anything about it. All plants will grow up and have to move on.

What were you thinking I was talking about? Hmmm...


My beans and peas were beginning to take over the whole house!! It was ridiculous! Insane! Hmmm... maybe they didn't need to move out. Heheheh...

Almost all plants happily moved out but I did lose a few. I know that I moved them too quickly, but there really wasn't time to do a slow move with them. It was too much of a jungle in the house and the tomatoes needed to be transplanted into the pots all the beans were hogging.

I was able to break out the camera and play around a bit on the day of the move out too. (I moved 'em out like a week ago... shows how good I am at keeping this blog updated, eh? SIGH!) Here are some of my all time favorite flowers, our strawberries are already in bloom and of course, the beans. They are not the best specimen's in the world to take pix of, but I wanted to practice anyway.

It took me TWO hours to transplant all the tomatoes into different pots! I did not imagine that it would take that long. I did dink around and took my time, watched some TV (HAHAHA) and separated out every single tomato I had to see who was the bestest and all that though. I ended up keeping almost all of them so now I have like 30+ tomato plants and I only have 11 slotted for my garden. HAHHAHA I guess I have plenty to share now!

Here are some pix of the little guys in the house. Swiss Chard is doing great, marigolds are taking off and all the tomatoes and peppers are soooooo adorable! All fuzzy and cute! I want to just tweek them all! Yes, I have children that are getting jealous of these little plants. HAHHAHA

I had more fun with the indoor pictures, although I think I may have blinded myself with my flash more than taking pictures! HAHAHAHA I'm still learning here....

Have fun gardening!!!


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