Mental Melt Down

Friday, April 17, 2009

Why do I have this silly thing here?!
Ooo LaLA!
Alright... I just looked it all up again just to confirm because I am wanting to get my plants moved outside. Last frost average dates for Northern Indiana are MAY 6-10!!! Are they fer REAL?! I mean.... SERIOUSLY? ERGH...

Okay... calming down...

I have started a "hardening off" process of sorts. I moved my plants out for about 1 1/2 hours today and they went into shock. SIGH All is well again though. The beans and peas are taking over the whole area though!

Note to self:
Do not plant beans and peas so early next year. Focus... FOCUS! Oh... Focus on early Tomatoes, kholarbi and okra.

My Red Cabbage is toast... I don't get it... My lettuce is close to dying too. I've NEVER been good at those when planting.

I do have quite a few Marigolds though! One whole set of Marigolds did not even germinate though? I think it's due to old seeds that I did not care for well enough. Sooo... I will get more new seeds if necessary.

I planted some more Okra and Kholarbi and did not get a response this time though too. What's up with that?! I do have 9 little Kholarbi doing great and 3 Okra at least. I will hopefully get to try them this year at least.

Almost all my tomatoes and peppers are getting true leaf! YAY!!! I REALLY need to repot them, but I don't have any idea where I will put them when repotted?! Sigh... I may rearrange.

I did not plant a raspberry plant... I bought 2 from the store. I set them up by the light and intended to plant them the next day. DUMB move! They budded and sprouted in 2... TWO! days next to the light... now... dumb things... I have to harden them off and move out with the seedlings like the rest of 'em. HAHHAH I hope they don't shock too much because they may give fruit this year. Hmmm... I tell ya.

I have cut it down to watering once every other day now. Watering EVERY day was causing mold. I try to water from under the plants, but many of 'em do not have roots to the bottom of the cells, or I cannot see them at least. Most of them do so I bottom water all of 'em and put some drops in the ones I can't find roots for. I also rotate them all at this time. I found that the tomatoes are loving to be under the lights at the short end, while the kholarbi, okra and lettuce like to be a little further from the lights. Go figure right? I'm a genius. SIGH... This just screams cold weather and hot weather plant characteristics to me.

I'm still learning here! :)

I'm having fun learning too...


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