Hubbie's Gift

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I got something from hubbie today and I am thrilled!!! I dunno if it was originally intended for me but he brough home an old desk today. He said he was going to put it in the garage but than changed his mind and offered it to me! I am so excited! I know, it's a desk... how exciting can that be? But for someone like me who does NOT enjoy clutter this is PERFECT! All my clutter can be clutter still, but out of site clutter now. YAY! I just finished moving into it... the den is still quite over populated with books, papers, crafts, games, computers and thing... but it looks much less cluttered at least. :) Plus I have a TON more workspace for clipping coupons and figuring up my deals. WOW! This is so nice...

OH another fun thing hubbie picked up this week was a snowblower! Now all I have to do is figure out how to use the puppy and I won't need to worry so much about clearing the drive and stuff this winter. Yah, and go figure... day after hubbie gets the little thing home it starts snowing outside?! ERGH! Not suppose to be SNOW in MARCH! Sigh... Spring is so close, isn't it? I know this snow won't stick at least.

I think I am going to go try and take a nap. We are headed out to a basketball game tonight and I'm tired!


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