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Monday, March 02, 2009

Okie Dokie
Planning a garden has a lot more math in it than I even care to do. HAHHHAHA I am working out a new plan and have some new ideas for starting our plants indoors this year. I am PRAYING that it will work! I will be thrilled to grow our own plants indoors. YAY! I am trying to decide what tomatoes to plant though and there are just soooo many to choose from it's like half the garden will be tomatoes! HAHHA Right now here's my list of what I am going to try:

1 Super Sweet Cherries
1 Super Beefsteak
2 Early Girl
1 Yellow Pear (my mom LOVES them)
1 Red Zebra
2 Roma
2 Cold Weather Slicer
1 Yellow Stripey

And that's all that I CAN do without seriously running out of garden space.

Okra will be an experiment this year...
Sweet Corn
TONS of peas
Swiss Chard
Hot Lemon Peppers
Sonora Peppers
2 kinds of lettuce

I have no intentions of Zucchini or Squash this year because last year we were totally over-run with squash bugs and I am hoping a 1 year break will help get rid of any lingering ones. I am probably going to plant marigolds in the areas I had them last year just because.... I will really miss the zuch and squash though. Sigh...

Right now I am trying to figure out how early to start what plants inside and getting a light setup somewhere to help them all out. I will be starting my tomatoes within the next week or to really get them going... but I am unsure on the other ones... sigh... soooo much math! HAHHHAAHH I usually start too early and I think this year I am starting too late?! ERGH...

Gardening plans are SOOOOO fun though! :)


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