It's Dusty in Here!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hmmm... It's been almost a YEAR since I have been here! Surprised I can even get into the account still. HAHHHA This blog is about to take a sharp redirect, maybe. It might not though since it's not been well maintained and just kinda discussed all sorts of crazy things. At any rate, I have new ideas! Maybe even something that will stick! HAHHA

I have quite a few new hobbies going so keeping them straight will be a challenge, but at least I'll always have something to talk about? Or maybe not. HAHHAA We will see... I'll try and find a way to keep things organized on here, but one never knows. I do miss blogging though so it's nice to be back! :)

So... what's new?! EVERYTHING! HAHHAHA
I appear to be much more settled then I was in previous crazy posts too. Wow! Went back and read those... maybe delete them!? HAHAH

Okay... let's see...
I LOVE to shop with coupons! I have taught a few coupon classes now and I will be teaching more. I share an email with those who have attended my classes every week about the local deals. I think I might start posting some of it HERE? What a concept. Go to A Full Cup to get in on all the savings fun though.

I still love to ballroom dance. We aren't able to get out and do that as often as I'd like, but we try to. I've missed that tremendously!

We gained a bunny and lost a bunny. sigh... The bunny I've posted about here, Freckles, passed away about 6 months after we brought home a bounding mate for her. Mocha is our lone bunny now. He's doing quite well, considering. He did go through some depression for a bit though too. I'm glad he's perking up and starting to get into things like he used to... well... okay, maybe not so glad he's getting into things again. HAHHAH He's a funny bunny! We have to rearrange the cage for him though because he refuses to use the levels like Freckles did. SIGH

OH I am a gardening FEND! Well, not yet, but I am a gardening FEND WANNA-BE! HAHAHHA I'll talk more about that later though. For now... things have changed, for the better and I will try to get on here to post more.

Take care everyone!!!


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