Planted Lots 'O Plants

Friday, March 13, 2009

I just finished planting 72 seeds (well, more than 72 because in some pots I did like 3 or so) and I am now anxiously awaiting them to green up. I REALLY hope that this works this year. I have never banked our entire garden on seeds so much in all the years that we have been gardening. I have tried to do this before, but not to this capacity. I never had any seedlings that made it to the garden before either... sooo... What did I change this year? LOTS!

1. I am using a starting tray made for seedlings. I stepped away from the peat pots that I always seem to have mold grow on. There is a plastic cover over them too.

2. I am using "seed dirt". DUH! Right? HAHAHAAHA I use to use potting soil not realizing there was a difference.

3. I have all the little buggers planted (I may be late this year but I just don't have all the math down for the last frost business yet) and they are sitting on top of the hermit crab tank lights for heat. I never heated my little seedlings before.

4. When I have a green one pop up I have a light unit setup to put them under. Never had a light before either. I used to just try to stick 'em close to the window. I'd have big problems with what I have identified as "dampening out disease"... or mold because they were too cold.

So what do I have growing? YAY!

2 Cherry Tomatoes
4 Red Roma Tomatoes
2 Red Zebra Stripey
2 Beefsteak Tomato
3 Early Girl Tomato
2 Yellow Pear Tomato
3 Cold Set Tomato
2 Mr Stripey Tomato
5 Hot Sonora Pepper
2 Hot Lemon Pepper
18 Sugar Snap Peas
9 Blue Lake Bush Beans
9 Kholorabi
2 Elite Lettuce
2 Vivian Romaine
2 Swiss Chard
1 Purple Cabbage
2 Okra

There are several experimental plants this year (cabbage, okra, lettuce, etc) so that's why there's like 2 and stuff of each of 'em. We wanted a variety of tomatoes but I had to be specific on determinate and indeterminate for our space. I have 9 Tomato Towers this year for the tomatoes to use too! Next year I'd like to get a bean carasol and some pea fence... or something... hehe... The Peas always get a little carried away.

I am sad that I do not get to start any flowers inside this year. I will try to get them going outside because I really wanted some pockets of marigolds around the garden this year.

I intend to try and get a fall round of inside planting done for a late fall crop of the cool weather plants too. I have no idea when to start that right now... but I am thinking August? I dunno... haha... Will be fun!


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