Grow Little Buddies!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Really Nice!
Oh they are GROWING! My little seedlings are GROWING and they are growing FAST! I am sooooooo excited! I just got them all planted on Friday 3/14 (Last week) on Monday 3/16 I noticed sprouts! Tuesday 3/17 I moved 'em under their light during the day, but I put them back on top of the hermie tank lights at night to keep 'em warm. So far they all seem to be doing GREAT! The only plants I seem to have an issue about is my Super Sugar Snap peas? They have not sprouted yet... but technically none of them should be up until this Friday, so they have plenty of time yet.

Here's the Super Sugar Snap Peas now...
I hope they pop up soon...

This is how they look on top of the hermie tanks...
pretty exciting, eh? HEHEHE

Moved 'em under their light.


I know they are still so little,
but they have really grown!


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