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Friday, July 07, 2006

Heart Sore

We recently found a box that neither of us say we packed. Hehe... I wonder how THAT happened? Quite interesting stuff in the box too. Oh well...

Hubbie got the bunny cage all done with RAMPS for her to climb up now. She actually goes up to the TOP level!! YAY! I'm so happy for her. She seems to really love all the extra space and I'm glad that she's not all "locked up" in this little bitty box anymore. We are using her old cage as her litter box (it's behind the white stuff which is there to help keep the litter IN the cage (: ). I'd like to get something smaller for that though cuz it's really bulky to pull in and out for cleanings.

I had to train her to go up the ramps, but she wouldn't JUMP up the levels until they were there anyway. I was very disappointed when she had FIRST been put in her cage without ramps and she never left the first level. I wondered why we had built this all... and what rabbit doesn't jump anyway? HAHA Actually though, bunnies can't see real close to their little cute noses so some of the problem was that she didn't know what was beyond that first hop and she wasn't about to find out either.

Now she's just a happy little, sweet cotton tail. :) So glad she's going all the way to the top!

(PS-Some of you may be wondering... what's up with the mood? The post seems cheerful enough. To let you know, the mood is for an entirely different matter that I do not care to go into right now. Some things in life just hurt every now and again... and not everyone has to know what it is that's causing the hurt. Take care all! Tell those you love that you love them often.)


RadiantSky said...

This is such a cool bunny house. If I had a bunny, I would totally want it to have a house like this. In fact, your bunny is roughly the size of my dog... hmm... I wonder. Hehe just kiddin. Pepper actually likes her playpen quite a bit, especially since I got a new one that isn't so tall, so anyone passing by can reach over and pet her. :)

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