I Want to go Go GO

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I so wanted to go camping. We had this AWESOME place all picked out. It's SOOOO cool! Has canoeing, swimming, biking, hiking AND the best of all... Off-road Jeep tours that you can DRIVE! They are awesome! So down our alley. Of course, hubbie would have to let me drive a bit. :) I hope he'll share. WAY out there and TOTALLY cool.

I wanted to go.

We can't afford to go. That makes me sad. I won't scrap the trip though. I'm keeping it in mind. I'm praying and hoping and praying some more. Maybe something will come up and we can go. That would be sooooooooooo much fun. Even with our track record of getting or being sick on every single vacation we've tried to take so far. HAHAHA


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