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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Cleaning seems to be a 4 letter word to some people. So then that would make it C-L-E-N right? I dunno... what ever happened to just picking up the fork and putting it in the sink instead of letting it slip under the bed to grow some sort of science experiment!? After all, no one will see that science experiment UNDER the bed. It would be better viewed on a table or something. You'd think right?!

I suppose not everyone has a cleaning gene. It's like putting a SIM all together. I know SOME of you have played THAT game. Hehe... You make sure they are outgoing so they talk to other SIMS. You don't want them to be complete slobs so you make them a little or a LOT neat. All that good stuff. I must be the LOT neat SIM or something. I wonder if that's a bad thing sometimes. I try not to let the stack of dishes get to me too much... but there's moments where if I just cannot get that sink cleaned out I will take someone out. Hehe... and yes, sometimes that means I will take them all out to dinner. HEHEHE Procrastinate should be a SIM characteristic you can pick from too. That'd be interesting. More realistic too.

Happy cleaning... and do keep the forks in the sink. For those who may not know they REALLY belong in a drawer. Clean. :)(:


RadiantSky said...

Sim??? Is that some sort of computer game or something? lol

That reminds me, maybe I should go play sims 2 for a bit. Although, that will probably eat away a few hours of my life. Decisions, decisions.

JustMe said...

Aw let 'em eat away... hehe...

At least it's sorta fun and all. Right?

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