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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Humid and Sunny!
Every have one of those saying pop out of your mouth and then think, "that really shouldn't need said"? Well... children will make your mind spin with those sayings. Throughout the day I hear myself say the strangest things...
There's a wall there. Do not put a dog leash on anybody. Do not spit your toothpaste on the wall. Fake food is not real. Stop eating the bubbles. What do you want for lunch? (I know better... it's ALWAYS sandwich jelly. Why even ask?! hehe) Get off of the cat. Get your finger out of your nose. Do not chew on the blinds. Your pants do not go on your head. Diapers/Undies are not hats. Would you stay out of the trash can!?
(I'll add more as I think of them.)
It's so crazy trying to think ahead of what they will do next! I think the most frusterating is to hear the constant repetition of what I've just said. ERGH! Especially when I'm disciplining one the other must repeat every word of my discipline. Very difficult to handle sometimes.
At any rate, we are settled. There are still boxes sitting around but we are living in the house and anxiously awaiting grass. :) We have ALL our critters with us now too. Zeekie (our Weimeraner) moved in with us on Friday. He's so fat! HAHAHA He's gained about 12 pounds being away from us. We have put him on a diet. He has already done a GREAT job and keeping the kitties from beating on the doors at night... and well just keeping them upstairs in general now. HAHA Poor kitties... The kitties are working hard with their training though and I've changed their diet too. They LOVE the new food. Our last fish (which was over 4 yrs old now) finally passed away so I've packed up the aquarium for now. I did not expect "snake" to go since it survived the other move... guess this one was one too many.
I also started my business up again. VERY nerve wracking for some reason, but the income will continue extra-curricular activities for the kiddos and our dance lessons! YAY! I have so totally missed the dance lessons. sigh


RadiantSky said...

I can top that...recently told my oldest niece, "Never, EVER lick anyone's shoe." Didn't expect to have to say that one! Lots of other funny ones but I can't think of them at the moment. Hope all is well. :)

JustMe said...

Oooo... That's just wrong! Lick a shoe? ergh

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