We Have Arrived...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Eh... So-So
House Update:

In the house... we have arrived. Hehe....

Holding a party for my business restart soon. sigh... Hope it goes well.

TRYING to get some sort of schedule set up. Every morning is definately dishes, trash, sweep (with broom in dining room)... then I try to fit in bunnie, kitty litter and hermie tank. Then there's laundry, study time, work time, bills, etc. ERGH! Not to mention getting 3 meals a day on the table OH and a shower would be lovely.

OH Hubbie built the most WONDERFUL bunnie cage! Looks kinda like this: Cube Cage. (scroll down) Only ours is not that tall. The rabbit does not jump though. How does one train a rabbit to jump?! HAHA I figure we will add ramps. She seems to like it all just the same. Hubbie did a wonderful job. Looks SO professional and all.

Now... as I posted in ANOTHER blog... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOMMA'S! We invited our momma's over for dinner tomorrow. Should be fun. I need to make some cookies, boil eggs and do some cleaning for it. Spoze I should just get off the computer and get that done. Hehe... Here I complain about a schedule and too much to do... and yet, I goof off. grrr


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