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Monday, March 06, 2006


House Update:
Wonderful! See Pix Album

I really don't feel like I can do much RIGHT anymore. Maybe I'm PMSing... I hate that cop-out but ya know... at least it's not me going absolutely insane!

My youngest and I just do not get along right now. Maybe it's because of the age. I know how smart the kiddo is though! Can be absolutely adorable and sweet too. So why do we fight?! Why can't I do ANYTHING to make 'em happy now. Everything is constantly contridicted. If I offer what they are asking for, they don't want it... when I stop offering they suddenly want it! The oldest is doing okay though. I'm not fighting there as much. I HOPE it's just due age.

I recently got an AWESOME aquarium! You can see details on my Crabitat Blog. I was so excited too. Wonderful hubbie agreed to a tank 3 times the size of the new tank I was going to get for the house too. He's so great. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. It's from a home of a heavy smoker. It's smells like smoke. Not badly or like... if it's sitting in the room with you, you don't smell it until you stick your face near it. It's irritating though. Can't figure out how to really get it clean. I so wanted to save tons of money with finding this "deal" and I think it's backfiring on me. Should have looked more or something maybe. A NEW tank would have cost over $250 though so this looked so right. sigh

Hubbie did get a new toy. I'm so glad he did. We recieved a check back for home owner's insurance and whatnot so it was totally unexpected. He got himself a portable DVD player and it has a game controller with about 30 games too. Really neat! He says it's perfect and will work for what he wants it for just fine. I'm so happy that he finally bought something for himself though! I always feel like he's just buying stuff for me all the time. He needs to get toys and games sometimes too.

The house is coming along beautifully. I'm very excited to get into it. Here's a tip though... when going through the designing and decorating of a new home to be built WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! If you happen to mention, I'd like the light switch in this room on THAT wall. Do not accept the answer, "You can talk to the electrician about that later." NONONONONONO! If it's not written on the plan, it costs you money to "change" it. Even THOUGH you were told to wait for later. This and the fact that the drywall guys were SMOKING in our house are the two biggest pet-peeves of mine right now and I'm getting tired of it. Write everything down and get it initialed by the planner.

Nice post, huh? Here's something fun though... we will be headed out for a family vacation later this month. Just the 4 of us. It should be fun. Mandatory fun vacation. Wow I hope my youngest and I can get along. I am looking forward to it though. A LOT!


RadiantSky said...

Hi. Sorry things are stressful with the kids right now. I'm sure it's just a phase. And just think, when she's 16 you'll be saying to yourself, I miss when she was 2 and I could just hand her something shiny, lol. (Not that I am in any way implying that parenting is that easy of course, just teasing you). Hope that things get better soon and it sounds like a vacation is just what you need. :)

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